The importance of career counselling for 9th, 10th and 12th graders


The real dilemma starts when you are in the 9th grade. This is when students and their parents start to worry about a correct career path. The streams, the major and minor subjects you choose in 9th and 10th, form the basis of the next decade of your life.

Well, it's okay to be confused. Sometimes you have all figured out, yet the career path doesn’t go as planned. So, do not worry. You are not alone in this struggle. You can always take the help of mentors and career counselors who help you find the right career path for you.

Here is why you should go for career counseling in 9th, 10th or 12th grade without hesitation:

● Let you know your interests

How do you think career counselors help you in finding the right path? They do so by communicating with you with a free mind. They allow you to know your interests better. One of the best ways is a psychometric test for students. This test includes 12 subtests based on skills, aptitude, personality traits, etc. Performing these tests provide clarity of thoughts. Furthermore, students can recognise their weaknesses and strengths with the help of these tests.

● Uses biometric testing

Do you know that a career counselor also uses biometric testing to know the innate traits of a student? At times, a student cannot identify their talents until they are allowed to showcase them.

This is what biometric testing for students is focused on. With the help of Fingerprint analysis, students can recognise their hidden talents and what their body patterns make them excel at. Fingerprint analysis helps identify an individual's personality, IQ, psychology, mental health and more.

● Provides you right direction

Career counseling for high school students also throws light on cognitive thinking. Expert mentors and career counselors have their way with words that allow the student to feel relaxed and calm. This is very important before making any big decision. They provide clarity in thinking using cognitive behaviour therapy. Through this, career counsellors also help students manage their emotions, stress levels & anxiety and counsel them on managing their time effectively.

Moreover, choosing your career path is not a decision you take in a single day. It is influenced by the stream of events in your daily life. Career counseling helps you in identifying your interest during this period. They may also suggest taking hints from how well you perform in each subject.

● Spread awareness

The studies in high school can take a toll on students. They get so engrossed in covering the entire syllabus that there is hardly any time to think about their future options. In such a case, career counseling awares them of the possible career options available in the market. It also throws light on the scope of each career and the specific traits required in pursuing them.

The best career counselors for students also provide them with alternative career options. What if, after the 11th grade, you want to change your major subjects? Will it be possible? It is very important to keep the options open so that students don’t feel trapped by their decision.

Are you in a similar situation? Are you finding it difficult to choose a career path? Are you thinking of consulting a career counselor near you? Speak to our experts if you are in 9th, 10th or 12th grade for the best and most genuine counseling experience.

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