A Step-by-Step Guide to Studying Abroad


Studying overseas may feel like a daunting task. As students, we are used to having family and friends who care for everything. But going to a foreign country to study often transforms your career. When so many countless students opt to study abroad every year, we must accept that there is a method to it that makes it feasible and, in fact, very attractive. This method can be decoded by following a step-by-step approach to getting admission.

Study abroad consultants play a vital role in ensuring that a student goes through this process smoothly and fulfills his aspiration.

Here are the key steps to follow so that your efforts are rightly aligned for admissions abroad:

1. Collect information and do your research

Once the thought has entered your mind of studying abroad, start doing research. Go through websites online, watch videos, and start chatting with friends you have who are studying overseas. This will familiarise you with the subject.

2. Go for overseas education consultants

Almost everybody who tries to study abroad and goes through the process on their own, ends up getting it wrong the first time or spending too much money. This is apart from the anxiety of addressing unexpected concerns. Signing up with an overseas education consultant will reduce your headache and save you money. Their study abroad advisor will also ensure that from being a dream, it becomes a reality.

3. Start applying after due career counseling

An overseas education consultant will help you shortlist the places where you should be applying. They will also tell you how to apply and guide you about taking the necessary examinations and tests. Various universities have different application processes, but applying to them will be a smooth experience if you have seasoned experts with you during the process.

4. Wait for application results

Once you have made your applications, some of them will revert to you with an offer. Once you have an offer that is satisfactory to you, send your confirmation and get your seat. Having overseas education counseling by your side will help you address any doubts you may have.

5. Prepare student visa

Once you have received a letter of acceptance and confirmed the offer from a foreign university, the next step is to get your student visa. While we hear a lot about how difficult it is to get a visa in some countries, it is not difficult once you have received an offer to study abroad. One must follow due process to get a student visa.

6. Arrange accomodation

Once you have been admitted and your student visa and travel documentation are well on the way, finalizing a place to stay is next. Various countries and universities have different provisions. In some areas, staying on campus is the best option. In many others, staying in a paying guest accommodation is preferred.

7. Go and join the campus

After this is done, the time comes to say a temporary farewell to your family here and take a flight to your campus. Make sure that you are adequately prepared. Understand from friends and the foreign education consultants you are working with key points to bear in the country you are going to.


Studying overseas is a transformational experience for a student. It is also a major milestone in your career. Following a step-by-step process can fulfill this dream without major hiccups. Going for an overseas education consulting from a proven institution like Proventus Education can ensure that you get the best possible college within your budget and at the very first attempt.


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