How Can Psychometric And Biometric Testing Help The Students Decide On a Course And Career?


Choosing a course and career according to your liking and not society's preferences is a real task. Moreover, students are often not familiar with their own liking. They have difficulty figuring out their talents and what they could potentially excel in.

Psychometric and biometric tests for students can take them a step closer to deciding their course and career. These two tests facilitate students to be better aware of their choices and decisions.

Why a Psychometric Test for Students in 9th and 10th Grade?

A psychometric test for students is one of the scientific ways to assess a student's aptitude, skills, and personality—the test gauges a student's personality, behavioral traits, and intelligence.

It covers questions based on reasoning, numeric abilities, situation-based instances, and much more. The results of such psychometric tests allow students to assess their aptitude for various career streams. Therefore, it is an effective method used by student counselors.

However, a student should answer the questions with complete honesty to get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Nowadays, psychometric tests for students are performed in career counseling with the help of computer-based testing. However, we prefer a mix of computer-based & personalized paper-based psychometric tests.

Understanding your personality traits

The main objective of a psychometric test for students is to identify their personality traits. These traits play an important role in determining the emotional quotient of a student. Emotion quotient or EQ is related to the stress handling abilities of a person. EQ is one of the two factors that influence students' career options. The other is IQ, i.e., Intelligence Quotient. IQ relates to the intelligence level of a student. At times, a person with a high IQ fails to work upon their temperament due to their low EQ. Psychometric tests for students help in analyzing these levels to get a clearer picture of their disposition.

Correct assessment of EQ :

With the correct assessment of EQ, career counselors then help the student figure out course options suitable for their temperament. Psychometric tests allow students to focus in the right direction and avoid internal mental conflicts when a wrong stream is chosen.

Why a Biometric Test for Students of 9th and 10th Standard?

Biometric tests for students are another scientific method used in career counseling. It is closely related to the study of fingerprints. Have you ever heard of DMIT, i.e., Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test? It is a scientific study of fingertips. Thus, DMIT and biometric tests are both closely related. DMIT is useful for children and adults.

You might wonder, how DMIT can be helpful in the career counseling of students? It is said that our fingerprints, i.e., ridges on our fingers, tell a lot about our personality and a person's intrinsic qualities.

Thus, career counselors use DMIT to explore a student's brain and learning capabilities. Depending on the results, counselors suggest the best courses and career options.

Benefits of Biometric Tests for career

Allows students to know inherent characteristics :

DMIT or Biometric Tests explores all that is unknown to students. Each of us is at a stage of figuring out ourselves better, with each passing day. DMIT helps in achieving it with the help of science. It provides a comprehensive report on the inherent characteristics of a student and gives students a sense of direction as they better understood understand their true capabilities.

Level of intelligence :

DMIT or Biometric Tests report not only highlights a person's inborn capabilities, but also throws light on the level of one's intelligence, preferred learning style, and more about their personality and brain dominance.


Thus, the psychometric and biometric tests are a true indicator of who you are. Career counseling through these two scientific approaches is quite helpful to students to understand their personality traits. Moreover, working on a course and career, students naturally excel, and it is the best way to keep them motivated.

It is crucial to align goals with personality traits. Such tests help make an informed career decision that could make all the difference throughout a student's life. After the results of such scientific approach tests are out, career counselors further analyze the psychometric and biometric test report. They also help in overseas education counseling.

When students are in 9th or 10th grade, finalizing the course stream feels burdensome. This is when you should not worry, rather go for career counseling. You can opt for psychometric and biometric testing for your career if you are unsure of your direction or goals.

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