How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad From Top Universities

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Where there is a will, there is a way, and this applies even to students who want to study abroad but feel they do not have the budget to do so. When you plan for a better future and aspire to, you wish to get a fully funded scholarship. Top universities abroad have provisions for scholarships that can help you pursue your dreams.

Scholarships are of various types. The focus of this article is on fully funded scholarships provided by some of the world's best universities.

These scholarships cover the full tuition fee of the course as well as living expenses. Some scholarships even include travel expenses. However, there are also scholarships that partially fund your studies.

Scholarship opportunities are plenty, but there is also stiff competition. Only a small percentage of students who meet the Eligibility criteria are able to get fully funded scholarships. Thus, it is best to prepare for them through guidance and mentorship.

Getting a scholarship depends on various conditions such as a high TOEFL and IELTS score and excellent results in GMAT/SAT or other such examinations. Apart from these, the other considerations are high grades in school or college, recommendations and a good track record in sports or leadership activities. We can say that while there are some necessary criteria for getting scholarships, they are not sufficient for getting a scholarship.

This is why it is necessary to seek the guidance of those who are seasoned in this field and know the industry well. Without the right knowledge and guidance, students who aspire to get scholarships often end up working hard in the wrong direction. Understanding how to get a scholarship starts with identifying the scholarships that one desires to get. Given below are some of the best international student scholarship opportunities available.

A glimpse of scholarship Program available for studying abroad

The following is not an all inclusive list but a few of the prestigious scholarships by some of the top universities. Based on these, you can begin preparing for scholarships as well as look at the scholarships available at over a hundred universities abroad. These scholarships give a glimpse of how the world of scholarships functions and all the available programmes in the countries you may want to study.

Harvard University Scholarship for Masters

Harvard University tops the university rankings across the globe. It is a dream for students to study at Harvard. It is arguably the most famous academic institution in the world.

Harvard University tops the university rankings across the globe. It is a dream for students to study at Harvard. It is arguably the most famous academic institution in the world.

Numerous presidents, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs and celebrities have been to Harvard. It has a provision for a fully funded scholarship for Masters and PhD programmes.

There are also scholarship programmes for undergraduate courses. You can study almost every stream in Harvard including Schools of Medicine, Divinity, Law, Dental Medicine, Arts & Science, Business, Liberal Arts, Design, Education, Public Health, Government, and Engineering & Applied Sciences.

University of Toronto - Lester B Pearson Scholarship for Bachelor's Programme

The University of Toronto is a public research university. Their scholarship funding covers tuition, accommodation and book costs. The prestigious Lester B Pearson Scholarship considers students who have displayed leadership abilities and community service. To get admission, you must be nominated as a first-entry student by your college.

DAAD Scholarships for Bachelors and Masters

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the German Academic Exchange Service. Germany can be an expensive place to live, but as a student, if you get the DAAD scholarship, you can get full funding for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral education.

The scholarship is meant to encourage international mobility, education and research. Students with a successful track record can try for this scholarship. You can apply for this scholarship once you have been accepted into one of the universities as an international student.

Chevening Scholarships for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD

Chevening is a scholarship available to bright students who want to study or research a subject in the United Kingdom. This scholarship provides comprehensive funding including tuition, accommodation, travel, visa and a monthly stipend. The UK is a popular place to study, and this scholarship can help those who can't afford it reach their dream. The scholarship is handled by British embassies in different countries.

The National University of Singapore Scholarship for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD

The NUS is the foremost university in Singapore and welcomes international students of high calibre through scholarships. Their scholarships cover tuition, living expenses and return tickets. There are multiple scholarship programmes in the same university including ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship, NUS Post graduate Research Scholarship and President’s Graduate Fellowship. These scholarships help plenty of international students to study at this university, which has a great track record on all fronts, including placements.


There are numerous scholarship available globally that covers expenses such as tuition fees and living expenses. This makes it possible for students and parents to aim for education abroad even if the budget seems way beyond their reach.

It is the dream of every ambitious parent to see their child study at Harvard University, and the university scholarship that provides full funding turns this dream into reality. Thus, there is no need to be deterred by the fee if one plans correctly. Only a small percentage of scholarship applications finally get accepted. Thus, if a student is mentored to prepare for studying abroad early on, he/she can expect to meet the target.

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