Low Tuition Fee Universities In Europe For International Students

best universities in Europe for students planning to study abroad

Students who want to study abroad should not be discouraged by the budget. This is because, with good planning, we can find colleges offering high-quality education at zero or low tuition fees.

The European Union (EU) provides free education to its citizens. There are also plenty of provisions for international students to avail of free education. Students who aim to get this facility can succeed if they prepare as early as possible.

One might have to learn a language in which education is imparted. This could mean learning French or Italian. Many courses are offered in English.

Education for which tuition is waived or is very low includes undergraduate, post graduate, and doctoral courses. Thus, no matter your subject, it makes sense to study it in a developed country in Europe. To get admission, one must be mentored by seasoned experts. A mentor can help align our aptitude, interest, and academic record and help us reach our goals.

Best Universities in Europe that provide zero or low tuition fee education

Many universities provide zero or low tuition fee education. Here is a list of some of the Best universities in Europe for international students to study:

Vilnius University

Located in Lithuania, Vilnius provides world-class facilities. It offers several types of scholarships, including some covering tuition fee compensation in full. Vilnius is an old and established institution and is recognized the world over.

It has several disciplines to offer and can be explored by students who seek good quality education with low tuition fees or options where fees are covered.

Nord University

This Norwegian University does not charge tuition fees. To get a visa, it is necessary to provide proper documents and prove that you can afford to stay in the country for a year. The courses are conducted in English.

Also, it is a university that teaches special courses such as Circumpolar, 3D Art, Animation, Games, and Entertainment Technology.

Budapest Metropolitan University

This university in Hungary has a very affordable tuition-free structure. The entire MBA course tuition fee for two years is less than 7000 Euros. Likewise, there are other courses to consider within an affordable range. One can also apply for scholarships.

Free University of Berlin

This respected university in Berlin provides education for free. The only costs you need to manage are the living expenses. Courses are taught in English, which makes them more appealing to international students.

There are no hidden costs and conditions, and one can apply to it like any other university, with the difference that it does not charge a tuition fee.

University of Gottingen

This university in Germany also provides free education. There are no tuition fees or hidden charges. A few nominal administrative charges per semester are less than 400 Euros. The student only has to manage living expenses.

The university has one of the largest libraries in the world. Many courses are conducted in English.

The University of Vienna

This university in Austria provides free education and these universities include more than 200 programs. The only expense to be incurred is a processing fee every semester of approximately 800 Euros.

Students are expected to manage living expenses. The university is an established, high-standard, and reputed institution in the historic city.

Nantes University

Health, medical technology, engineering, law, and political science are some popular streams at this university located in France. The university charges a processing fee of about 200 euros. The tuition fee differs for the various programs. An MBA course charged around 3000 Euros.

University of Paris-Sud

If your dream is to study in Paris, this university can fulfill it. The education expenses will be around 200 Euros per semester. The charges for national and international students are much the same.

The main consideration is that living expenses in Paris can be higher. This is a renowned university, and one can study more of the courses one aspires to undertake.


Students and parents who wish to pursue quality education abroad need not be deterred by the tuition fee of the universities. The aim should not be to earn the tag of a particular university but to study at a university that provides equivalent quality of education for something that is free or easily affordable.

International students can study abroad within various budgetary constraints. Quality mentorship is necessary to cover the journey from idea to joining the university.

The experts at Proventus Education will show you the path to getting admission to a low-cost European university. Equipped with biometric tests, psychometric testing, and assessment of academic records and aspirations, they will align your goals with efforts and help you achieve this milestone of studying in Europe. Get in touch with Proventus Education today!

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